Fleet Leasing

Why Fleet Car Rental?

Kiralasür fleet car hire brings many advantages with it. The advantages of fleet car hire are as follows.

Budget control can be done easily due to the cost determined at the beginning.
Maintenance and repair services can be easily accessed since vehicle rental is carried out over a long period of time.
Throughout the process, transactions such as tax, insurance and backup are carried out by us.
You can get 24/7 support on issues such as roadside assistance and tyre management.
Time and resource management is carried out by us in fleet car rentals.
Long Term Car Rental Prices with Kiralasür vary according to the brand of the vehicle and how many months - years to rent.
Prices may vary according to the model, mileage, duration, transmission, chassis, fuel consumption and instant campaigns of the vehicle to be rented.
In order to reach a clear price in long term car hire, make the selections and then contact us with our Corporate sales team.

In the rental periods between 12-48 months, our corporate rental customers who need car rental can benefit from our fleet rental service.
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