What is the kilometre limit for rental cars?

What is the kilometre limit for rental cars?

The mileage value of a vehicle is one of the first things that will affect the value of the vehicle when you want to sell it as a second-hand vehicle. For this reason, mileage is very important for a vehicle. Likewise, mileage is also important for car rental companies. The mileage limit, which is determined by taking into account the average vehicle usage, is a system applied to prevent malicious vehicle use and excessive wear and tear of the vehicle.

Many people who rent a car only choose the brand or model they want on the day they will pick up and deliver the vehicle and overlook the mileage limit that the company can apply in car rental.

However, some car rental companies set a km limit per day for the vehicles they rent. In this case, they determine the maximum kilometre limit that you can travel on a daily basis with the vehicle you have rented. When you exceed this upper limit, you have to pay an extra fee to the company.

What is the Kilometre Limit Determined According to?

The mileage limit applied in car rental transactions varies according to companies, taking into account situations such as the class of the vehicle and the rental period. While some companies do not apply any limit, some companies pay close attention to this rule and include this issue in their contracts.
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